What is Pilates?

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Joseph Pilates is recognised for developing the original techniques and culture that we call Pilates. More about Joseph and the original development can be learned within the History section. It is important however to emphasize some key aspects about the original concept developed by Joseph Pilates, in order to fully appreciate what this regime is all about and what we will be trying to convey to you. 

1.   Pilates is very disciplined, precise and controlled. Unlike many other forms of exercise, you work the whole body in a carefully structured manner. The overdevelopment of muscle groups in localised areas of the body is therefore avoided.

2.   The teaching involves correct breathing. It is important to develop rhythmic movements of the diaphragm. This is the muscle structure that controls inhalation and exhalation by the lungs. Thus, deep, correctly focused breathing can be co-ordinated with other movements of the body. Students may take some time to fully appreciate the importance of the breathing discipline. Trust us – it IS necessary and it DOES have a very important role in your success with the exercise regime.


3.   The involvement of the student in carefully structured and controlled movements with close attention to detail, benefits the whole body. The process is designed to strengthen ligaments and joints, increase flexibility and lengthen the muscles.


4.   The process goes beyond the basic series of exercise movements. Pilates was developed as a holistic discipline that brings together the mind, body and spirit. We ascribe to Joseph Pilates‘ original teachings, which reinforce the integration of the mental and physical.


5.   Poise and balance are key areas of development central to the Pilates exercises. It is advantageous that these are practised and mastered, in order to comfortably make real progress.


6.   Substantial exertion and mindless repetition are NOT requirements of Pilates. This is a gentle, precise science with the emphasis on quality and not quantity.


Click here to join MyPilatesClub7.   In addition to the concentration of the mind and body to focus on developing a taller, leaner, well balanced structure, modern Pilates reflects greatly upon the importance of the ‘core’. This is essentially your trunk – between the shoulders and hips. Carefully structured exercise patterns can help bring about correct natural alignment of the skeleton. By concentrating attention on the core of the body, you can re-educate your body to adopt correct posture through strengthening vital deeper muscle structures.


8.   Core stability exercising is the careful, concentrated attention to the development of deep muscle groups that control the spine and come into play in virtually every activity we are involved in. Not just sports or heavy work, but every daily action. The core stabilises the spine and greatly helps with balance, flexibility and co-ordination of the entire body. Development of a healthily structured core is key to a pain free back and a well toned stomach. Moreover, it can provide increased performance for sportspeople, fitness and flexibility for older folks and a return to condition of abdominal and pelvic floor muscles for women after pregnancy.


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 So, if you want a long, lean, well toned look and also the strength, co-ordination, balance and poise to back up that look – Pilates is the discipline for you. You will not become an over-developed body builder or exercise superficially or for aesthetics alone. Pilates is all about development of the whole body, together with the mind. The slow controlled movements and sequences are structured to help enable energy to pass freely through your body, whilst your mind is trained to concentrate and dismiss the stresses of the day. In line with the aims of Joseph Pilates, the exercises are therefore designed to overcome the physical imbalances and fatigues which can be largely borne out of stress and the physical and mental lifestyles most of us lead today.


About Pilates

So many people around the world have benefitted from the experience of regular involvement with Pilates. Young and old, super-celebrities, famous dancers, athletes, top-flight sports people… We want to be part of the movement that really opens up the availability of Pilates to help as many people as possible. Now it’s your turn to really get to know a little more about what Pilates is and how it can benefit you. So, we invite you to read on through the sections that follow. From a brief look at the fascinating history of how the technique was originally developed by Joseph Pilates, through details about what the teachings can do for you and how to go about participating. Please take the time to [...] Learn more...

Why buy an MPC course? I could get a cheap DVD!

Yes – you could just buy the latest celebrity Pilates DVD or book. But there’s just no way of knowing what the quality and guidance or structure that is likely to be on offer. We have even found free Pilates video clips on the internet, but if people were to actually try and follow along with them. ? Painful! Whatever else is out there – it all seems so random to us! That’s why we decided it was necessary to have proper, carefully designed, structured Pilates progressions on video for people to follow along with. In addition to the benefits of being able to access the course whenever and wherever you are (with an internet connection), you will be receiving structured [...] Learn more...

Weight Loss

It should always be borne in mind that we should all be concerned with the basics of good nutrition and regular exercise throughout our lives. However, there are times that many of us are affected by circumstances that mean we have strayed above our ideal weight. Weight loss is therefore a matter of carefully adjusting our entire lifestyle to gradually restructure our body. Part of that plan will involve dietary alterations to kick the bad habits and learn to enjoy healthy foods more. Other aspects involve detoxification of our systems, relaxation, proper rest through quality sleep and of course by building into our lives the correct exercise our body craves. So, lets begin … … take a look at the information we’ve prepared [...] Learn more...

Is Pilates easy exercise?

Well – yes and no. Pilates is about careful, slow, gentle movement and not the massive, rapid, demanding actions found in some sports or other exercise disciplines. But whilst it is a gentle form of exercise, the precision and control of body movement required is quite high. This takes careful practise and the development of good muscular strength, control and co-ordination to be able to master the movements. Thankfully, the exercise modules we have designed are very carefully structured to lead you on a journey of physical development. It cannot be emphasized enough that the modules must be followed exactly as presented and practised to steadily build up your abilities. (Naturally – if there is any movement that causes pain then [...] Learn more...

What Can Pilates Do For Me?

This is an easy question to answer, but the end results will not be achieved without effort and close attention to the lessons over a sustained period, so that Pilates becomes a normal part of all that you do in your everyday life. That way you can continually be energised in body and mind; with an ensuing enhancement of spirit. So, to answer the question: When followed correctly Pilates can help you achieve the following:- Release from pain Certain of the exercises demonstrated can help to ease back pain, pain in joints, discomfort and pain encountered during and after preganacy. Take careful note however, that the exercise needs to be focused on the particular pain. You cannot assume that all [...] Learn more...

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How to Get Started With Pilates

Before starting any new exercise regime it is important to be sure you are fit enough and will not cause yourself harm. Our advice to any new student is to have a medical check up by your doctor. Explain in detail to them what you propose to do and make sure they are happy for you to get started. To prepare for Pilates, it's useful to consider clothing, equipment, location and so on. It’s actually very easy to make a start, so don’t be put off. Where to Exercise You will benefit from finding a quiet space to exercise in. If possible, try and shut yourself away in an area which is free of clutter and distractions, where you will not be [...] Learn more...

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