Mini eCourse – Exercise 5

Engaging the Deep Abdominal Muscles (Centring)

The deep abdominal muscles (transversus abdominis and multifidus) are responsible for stabilizing the spine, pelvic floor and pelvis. Some exercise regimes will simply instruct you to "suck in your stomach" to engage your abdominal muscles. This is a dumbed-down version of what is really required to really benefit your deep stabilizing muscles. Drawing the lower abdominal muscles in toward the spine is good, but it is far better to also locate and contract the pelvic floor at the same time in order to engage your transversus abdominis. This takes quiet concentration and practice for some time to get right and can be challenging while your body is in different positions. The engagement of the deep abdominal muscles is extremely important in being able to strengthen the core and carry out Pilates exercises correctly, safely and to best effect.

The pelvic floor muscles are those of the urethra. For women they also relate to the vagina and for men they have a relationship with the testicles. To explain further, to engage these muscles you can imagine yourself stopping the flow of urine. For men this also has the affect of raising the testicles. Combine this exercise with the action of drawing the lower abdominal muscles in by sucking the stomach back towards the spine. You can try sucking on a finger to help concentrate the required action.

The intensity of the engagement of these muscles can be increased and decreased with practice. Try drawing up the pelvic floor and draw in the transverses muscles as much as you can and then gradually release down to about 25% of the maximum. As a general guide, it is this feeling of 25% that you should target to maintain during your Pilates exercises.




Try engaging the deep abdominal muscles by starting in the Relaxation Position. Ensure you are in Neutral Pelvis.

Breathe in wide into the chest, then as you breathe out lift the pelvic floor to 25% and draw in the transverses muscles to 25%.





Placing your hands on your lower stomach will enable you to feel the muscles responding as you engage.

Continue to breathe normally but continue to hold the engagement of the deep abdominal muscles.

Watch to ensure the buttock muscles do not join in to assist with the engagement. Also concentrate on maintaining the natural neutral position of your pelvis and relaxation of the upper body.



The process of stabilizing the spine and pelvis by centring should then be practiced repeatedly in the Relaxation position and then also sitting, standing, lying face down and on all fours, in order to become fully capable of maintaining the engagement of the muscles regardless of the position of your body. Try engaging the muscles and holding for 10 seconds at a time. In addition, practice some on-off switching of the muscles, engaging with each out breath and disengaging with each in breath. Finally, try moving around with the 25% engagement held as you go about your daily activities.

Hereafter, you will be required to engage the deep abdominal muscles whenever an exercise is carried out.


About Pilates

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What Can Pilates Do For Me?

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How to Get Started With Pilates

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