Mini eCourse Introduction

This ecourse is all about helping you achieve your physical goals easily, painlessly and with long term benefits in mind. No latest fad quick fix, or high impact sweat and groan torture treatments here! Just a solid, proven technique laid out in an easy to follow program to get you started simply and steadily sculpt your body as you practice.

The technique you are being guided through involves Pilates, which is an amazing exercise to:

Treat injuries: Although for our purposes we are going to be thinking about those of you who have no history of pain / injury and those who have suffered with the very common nagging general lower back pain rather than any specific injury.

Tone your body: and most of us could do with rediscovering forgotten muscles and bringing back definition.

Transform: how you look and feel both physically and mentally.

This ecourse comprises a selection of some beginners’ level Pilates exercises designed to give you a good start with the technique. Pilates is all about building a strong, agile toned body through slow, carefully co-ordinated movements carried out with precision and control. There are no explosions of energy, impact or jolts to the exercises. Every action is smooth and flowing and very importantly the movements work in harmony with your breathing.

The exercises that follow are suitable for beginners but many can be further varied over time to make them more challenging as students become stronger and more agile.

Pilates can also be a wonderful treatment program for people recovering from injuries or who have physical weaknesses, as it was originally designed as a rehabilitation technique by Joseph Pilates. If you have suffered with non-specific general lower back pain, this could be the technique that gives you long term relief. Subject to your condition the exercises within this book can be used to improve your flexibility and build your core strength to free you from future back pain problems.

A mistake people can make is to try and exercise through a bad pain episode. Without detailed specialised knowledge and care that approach will easily aggravate pain and you will mistakenly conclude that Pilates doesn’t work.

CAUTION: If you are currently in pain or injured or pregnant, don’t attempt the exercises in this ecourse without an assessment and the detailed specific guidance and recommendations of your professional clinical advisors. They will counsel you before embarking upon this or any other form of exercise regarding what exercises or movements you should or should not carry out or any adaptations of exercises that they recommend. If in doubt, back off from exercise until you are feeling much better and then only attempt the program approved by your professional clinical advisors. During any exercise session, only undertake what you can comfortably manage without struggling and stop at any sign of feeling unwell or if pain occurs. Seek prompt medical attention if continuing to feel unwell or feeling pain after stopping an exercise.

Pilates works wonderfully protecting you from future back pain episodes, so ideally you would start the exercise course at a time when you are feeling reasonably ok. This allows you the opportunity to build a girdle of strength around your spine. Subject to your physician’s specific advice, gently working your way steadily through the exercises, you can gradually ease discomfort and build agility and strength despite low level pain. Pilates is all about controlled, slow, careful movements designed to develop a central powerful core that will stabilize and support you properly. You will also learn correct posture, breathing and movement to re-engineer your body, so that the weakness and bad habits of the past that caused pain remain something from history. No more pain!



About Pilates

So many people around the world have benefitted from the experience of regular involvement with Pilates. Young and old, super-celebrities, famous dancers, athletes, top-flight sports people… We want to be part of the movement that really opens up the availability of Pilates to help as many people as possible. Now it’s your turn to really get to know a little more about what Pilates is and how it can benefit you. So, we invite you to read on through the sections that follow. From a brief look at the fascinating history of how the technique was originally developed by Joseph Pilates, through details about what the teachings can do for you and how to go about participating. Please take the time to [...] Learn more...

Why buy an MPC course? I could get a cheap DVD!

Yes – you could just buy the latest celebrity Pilates DVD or book. But there’s just no way of knowing what the quality and guidance or structure that is likely to be on offer. We have even found free Pilates video clips on the internet, but if people were to actually try and follow along with them. ? Painful! Whatever else is out there – it all seems so random to us! That’s why we decided it was necessary to have proper, carefully designed, structured Pilates progressions on video for people to follow along with. In addition to the benefits of being able to access the course whenever and wherever you are (with an internet connection), you will be receiving structured [...] Learn more...

Weight Loss

It should always be borne in mind that we should all be concerned with the basics of good nutrition and regular exercise throughout our lives. However, there are times that many of us are affected by circumstances that mean we have strayed above our ideal weight. Weight loss is therefore a matter of carefully adjusting our entire lifestyle to gradually restructure our body. Part of that plan will involve dietary alterations to kick the bad habits and learn to enjoy healthy foods more. Other aspects involve detoxification of our systems, relaxation, proper rest through quality sleep and of course by building into our lives the correct exercise our body craves. So, lets begin … … take a look at the information we’ve prepared [...] Learn more...

Is Pilates easy exercise?

Well – yes and no. Pilates is about careful, slow, gentle movement and not the massive, rapid, demanding actions found in some sports or other exercise disciplines. But whilst it is a gentle form of exercise, the precision and control of body movement required is quite high. This takes careful practise and the development of good muscular strength, control and co-ordination to be able to master the movements. Thankfully, the exercise modules we have designed are very carefully structured to lead you on a journey of physical development. It cannot be emphasized enough that the modules must be followed exactly as presented and practised to steadily build up your abilities. (Naturally – if there is any movement that causes pain then [...] Learn more...

What Can Pilates Do For Me?

This is an easy question to answer, but the end results will not be achieved without effort and close attention to the lessons over a sustained period, so that Pilates becomes a normal part of all that you do in your everyday life. That way you can continually be energised in body and mind; with an ensuing enhancement of spirit. So, to answer the question: When followed correctly Pilates can help you achieve the following:- Release from pain Certain of the exercises demonstrated can help to ease back pain, pain in joints, discomfort and pain encountered during and after preganacy. Take careful note however, that the exercise needs to be focused on the particular pain. You cannot assume that all [...] Learn more...

General Enquiries Form

GENERAL ENQUIRIES: We would be pleased to receive any questions from you relating to our site. In view of the problem of coping with various world time zones and to maintain customer service standards, we will not be using telephone and fax contacts. All contact should be by email please. Thank you. Contact form for general enquiries and feedback Learn more...

How to Get Started With Pilates

Before starting any new exercise regime it is important to be sure you are fit enough and will not cause yourself harm. Our advice to any new student is to have a medical check up by your doctor. Explain in detail to them what you propose to do and make sure they are happy for you to get started. To prepare for Pilates, it's useful to consider clothing, equipment, location and so on. It’s actually very easy to make a start, so don’t be put off. Where to Exercise You will benefit from finding a quiet space to exercise in. If possible, try and shut yourself away in an area which is free of clutter and distractions, where you will not be [...] Learn more...

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